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Be acknowledged for your abilities and experience

Would you like to be acknowledged for your abilities and experience in the field of security - or your passion & mastery in a physical sport.  Well, now you can!

The Protect diplomas are recognized and acknowledged by the department of education of the State of Maine USA.

Which area of expertise are you looking to qualify In ?

Are you Ready?


Are you an expert from the security industry or a close protection officer, we can measure & assess your skills & experience to align with one of our diploma qualifications.

Ex-military and police that wish to qualify for public safety.

Hotel security management.

Private security sector.


Athletes and practitioners in the fields of:


Martial Arts







Krav Maga

Rock Climbing


All sporting abilities.

Are your skills getting you to the "Highest  Recognition" & respect you deserve?

Danielle - Competitive Rock Climber....


What is V V A

Visual video assessment
A simple tool that can measure the structure, the ability to teach and deliver information.
The measurement of motion movement and sound. This means an expert will analyze whatever movement you will present.
The way you structure your training.
The quality of delivering knowledge and the physical application is it done to perfection good form or bad form.
Sound is related to the pitch of your voice.
Do you speak with authority?
Are you excited and charismatic?
Or your voice is monotonous and boring


All this is coming into the equation of the visual video assessment
You send your video on whatever topic you are going to present, explain and demonstrate.


No editing is allowed when we assess your performance

If the instructional video is good you will receive a green tick



If the video is not good enough you will receive a red Cross


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Diploma's for all Skilled Abilities.

Advanced Accreditation

Expert Accreditation

5 - 10 years Experience to Apply

Master Accreditation

10 years Minimum Experience 

Intermediate Logo.png

3 - 5 years Experience to Apply

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with Dr. Itay Gil
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Train With Protect

Boost Your Career

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