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Introducing Itay Gil

Dr. Itay Gil Ph.D. (Atlantic Int University - AIU) is an IDF Major and served in Israel’s special forces paratroops brigade.
After completing his compulsory service, he was chosen to join Israel’s elite counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit, “Yamam”, where he became an operative & instructor.

Consequently, Itay Gil became the chief close-quarter combat instructor for the unit. From 1992-1997, Major. Gil was the executive director of all training programs for the Israel Border Police as well as the undercover police intelligence unit. During this period, he directed training programs for 5000 policemen and security personnel each year.
Itay Gil has adapted more than 37 years of conflicts and Krav Maga combat study to meet the needs of the real-life situations he faced in his fourteen years of active duty and more than 20 years in the special forces commando regiment as a captain.
Itay Gil continues to serve in the IDF reserves where he is Major and senior combat instructor and strategic mission planner for an elite undercover counter-terrorism team.
He was responsible for the training for the security of the Israeli President for 10 years and has trained the security of the Ukrainian President on several occasions, as well as HRT, FBI, SWAT, Spetsnaz Alpha Group among others.

Itay featured on History Channels “Human Weapon” series, BBC Special Forces “Ultimate Hell Week” and is recognized by Al Jazeera as a world-leading aviation security expert.

Itay Gil - Hell Week Profile
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Multiple Attackers
Gun Defence
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Case studies from Itay Gil

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