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Presidential Security

Papua New Guniea
New Zealand

Anti Poaching

Oil Security
Airline Security


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Saving the Wildlife from poachers

During the late 1980s, I received a request to travel to Kenya and meet with government officials to discuss the support and establishment of anti-poaching military units.

At the given time poachers were killing the rhinos and the elephants and the big cats for greed and money.

I took on the challenge and I established a small army to fight the poachers and save the animals. It was a sophisticated project with lots of logistics but I got the job done.

I felt great pride and joy in this project because I love nature and animals

The teams have saved thousands of animals from being killed during the years

Papua New Guinea

Tribal conflict in Papua New Guinea

I received the call from the government of Papua if I can come and run a risk assessment why are there so many conflicts among tribes as military experts and a specialist in human behavior

So I went on a journey to explore what is going on in the remote jungles of Papua
I discovered that there are hundreds of small tribes with their territories.hundreds of languages and dialects. There is no one magical solution in such remote areas.
The main goal will be to establish some type of peacekeeping police with a mixture of people from different tribes that can work in cohesion to minimize conflicts in the remote jungle


Still working on the project

But as usual, we get the job done and I love my job and a good challenge

New Zealand

Close Protection Officer Training

I receive a call from the diplomatic protection team in New Zealand that travels with dignitaries and the prime minister.


One of the biggest problems they have is that they are not allowed to fly to foreign countries with firearms on board and sometimes only one bodyguard can travel with the dignitary

They needed an immediate solution for unarmed combat at zero distance inside a confined space

A fuselage of an aircraft

If there was a problem at 30000 feet what do you do?

If there is more than one attacker what's your plan?

Improvised edged weapons as a broken bottle of wine

So we went on a journey to train, test under pressure how to fight and survive physical confrontation on an aircraft.

As usual the job was completed to satisfaction

I'm so blessed I love my job and I get to work with amazing people in the most beautiful countries


Case studies are an example of what can be achieved with your chosen career.


Nothing is out of reach, with dedication, determination and a protect qualification

your career path is waiting for you


Opening doors for the future 

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