Professional Security Training

Our goal is to help you practice, reinforce, and test your capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating operational environments and tasks. We'll help you to make smart decisions under pressure. Protect Company is a world leader in combat training and hand-to-hand combat for many Industries and organizations around the world. Itay Gil has been blessed and honored to train in his career thousands of amazing people all around the world.

Professional Security

Contact us, we offer training in the following areas

Fields of expertise

  • VIP Protection / CPO

  • Violence at work

  • Public Safety

  • Public Transport Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Oil Industry security

  • Air Marshal

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Law Enforcement & Military training

Education is key and Dr. Gil’s is equal to none. His elite military background combined with his academic journey makes him a specialist in human behavior under pressure. When others try to put theory into practice, he puts practice into theory.

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