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PF-1 Armored Fast Access EDC CCW Bag

Protect Fast 1


Evil can appear at a moment's notice. Whether you're at church, the supermarket, a movie theatre or any other public place. Fact is, it can even happen while you're walking down the street minding your own business. That's why you must always be prepared for the unexpected and unthinkable. 

In certain situations, carrying a concealed weapon is not ideal. Typically this occurs when you are wearing clothes which don't allow for adequate concealment. This is when carrying your EDC CCW in a bag is the ideal solution.

However, should a situation arise which you need to draw your weapon, there's a high likelihood you may need some sort of ballistic body armor protection; of your vital organs at the minimum. 

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The PF-1 (Protect Fast One) Armored EDC CCW bag is truly the first of its' kind. Designed by Israeli Special Forces Counter Terrorism Major Itay Gil, it offers ultra-fast access to your concealed weapon while simultaneously providing ballistic body armor protection of your center mass and pelvic region.

The fast-access deployment strap allows you to open the bag in less than a second. With minimal practice, the bag can be opened and your weapon can be drawn in less than two (2) seconds. 

The PF-1 features specialized clips on the strap which allow for lighting fast adjustment. The bag also features full pockets, making it a usable EDC bag for first aid gear or other equipment.

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  • Concealed Carry Ready

  • Available with (2) Level IIIA Dual Threat (Ballistic/Stab) Panels

  • Seven (7) Compartments 

  • Integrated Holster Pouch

  • Heavy Duty 1000D Construction

  • Heavy Duty Zippers

  • Water Resistant 

  • Breathable Maxx-Dri-Dri Lining on Rear

  • Dual Grab Handles (Top and Bottom)

  • Functional Storage & Organization

The Spec

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