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Center of Excellence for Security, Counter-terrorism & Defense

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If you are ex-military, law enforcement, or private security sector, and are looking to advance your career to the next level we have the perfect solution for you.

Qualify with us and boost your career with Protect Academy

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Real Visual Video Assessment Brought to you by Protect Academy

When I ask my students to send me their best techniques on video, I always get the same answer:

"I don’t like my video, I’ll send another one."

Are their techniques bad? Not really.


They just do not like their image because we all expect a better output.

Examples of moves you may have to explain:

When you are making a straight punch, explain what muscle groups you are using. Explain when you are doing a combination of boxing skills how do you position your body. Explain and demonstrate footwork. Break down the movement of a side-kick

VVA - Video Visual Assessment

While watching your video, you will immediately notice many points to improve and you will start, by yourself, a severe self-critique.

The origin of this disappointment lays in the gap between what we think we do and the reality. Without going into details, it is about the shortcuts our brains use to make sense of the world, called heuristics. Watching yourself on video is sometimes unbearable because the brain is misled, believing that our perception of the movement corresponds to the perfect motion.

I have developed a method based on video assessment. I have been using this for many years with special forces to show them how they operate and handle extremely stressful environments. I will apply with you this innovative way of learning and ask you to explain what was bad on your video to eventually agree on a list of improvements that must be seen in the next video.

Thanks to this methodology, you will improve your performance by forcing your brain to go through a dichotomy of movements. For each video, as your brain sees what your body does, it can easily correct and adjust to eventually reach the ideal posture.

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Get your skills recognized, start your jou​rney today with a Protect Academy Accreditation. Depending on your years of experience in your field, we have the diploma to recognize

your skills.

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Qualify With Protect & Boost Your Career

There are no weekend warriors. Our teaching is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective to face today's world, from civilian to military threats. We offer a recognized qualification that will take you to the next level.

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