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Protect college Cert IAdvanced Black.jpg


12 videos no longer than 3 minutes per video, where you will need to explain verbally what you are doing and teaching.

Explain and deliver the structure of your content.

Explain and demonstrate the motion and movement of your professional skills.

Your academic advisor will give you tasks and assignments that will challenge the way you deliver skills with movement that can be measured scientifically.

Excellent verbal skills with confidence.

Excellent instruction.

All videos must be sent with the original recording and no editing.

To qualify must pass with 75% success.

We will coach you & guide you to help you become the successful trainer you want to be.

$1990.00 usd
Protect Academy Cert Expert Black.jpg


Expert Accreditation

You have 5 to 10 years experience therefore you must be very fluid with your skills.

To qualify for the expert level you need to create 16 videos up to 4 minutes maximum per video.

Your academic advisor will give you assignments to break down and explain your professional content, skills with a high level of verbal, motion & movement, and biomechanics.

You must pass 80% to qualify.

$2750.00 usd
Protect college Cert Master black.jpg


Master Accreditation

Your passion and knowledge are put to a test as you have been mastering the skills for more than 10 years.

Every movement and explanation will be audited.

You will demonstrate the excellent methodology, didactics movement & sound.

You will become a polished diamond.

You will be assigned by your academic advisor multiple challenges which will be broken down into the smallest details.

You must deliver 20 videos of up to 5 minutes per video.

No editing in any video is permitted.

You must pass with a score of 90%.

No excuses, If you want a master accreditation level.

$3500.00 usd
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