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Protect Accreditations
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Office to the President of Israel
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Shortly after retirement from the service 1997, I opened a small business for training and consulting. I did not have many clients yet it was just the start, so a friend of mine Mr. D who was well connected within the government mentioned my name to the head of physical security for the president.

He told him about me, that I am a former team member of the counter-terror warfare team and advised them to go and have a look at my training. Presidential security has their in-house training, however, the head of physical security arrived and he decided to join the training, he was very surprised and impressed.

A few days passed, then I was invited to a meeting at the presidential lounge where I was requested to start training the presidential security detail.


Another well-known training company contacted me a few days later & said I was lucky to get the most prestigious training contract, it must be because you served in the counter-terror warfare team.


lucky? I replied; the door is open to any person that believes they can pass the selection for the unit, whats your excuse ?

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Ukraine Presidential Security Team

I received a call from the FSB Close protection team for the Ukrainian president.

Within 24 hours i was on a flight to the Ukraine, where an amazing challenge with fantastic close protection officers awaited me. I get the job done.

Train hard work hard and reap the rewards 

Dr Gil


IDF Counter Terror School (Lotar)

For many years as a special forces and counter- terror specialist, I trained many of the top teams in the country and around the world

Here is a small letter of appreciation from the commander of the IDF counter-terror School.


Make sure you love your job

Dr Gil

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Aspen Universtity

I'm always believed in a combination of a good skill that can be backed up with academic recognition. Working with top universities and receiving the title professor was a great achievement for me and an honor


If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

Dr Gil

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