Eran Dov Elmaz

Advanced Diploma

Thai Boxing/Kick Boxing

 09th Feb 2020


I want to thank protect college for the excellent structured Diploma and instructor's course an amazing experience and challenge. Loved every moment

Thanks, Dr. Gil


Gheorghe Husar

Masters Diploma Krav Maga 30th May 2020


My mentor, Grand Master, and dear friend Itay Gil. You are a Legend and truly an inspiration. God bless you brother



Master Gheorghe Husar

Dean Saitch Photo.jpg

Dean Saitch

Masters Diploma Krav Maga 30th Sept 2020


What an incredible journey with Protect Academy Grand Master Itay GIl further developed my Krav Maga skills to another level. Hi vast experience and in particular his Authority in self-defence makes this diploma invaluable.

What an honour

Master Dean Saitch

Benjamin Meyer

Masters Diploma Krav Maga 15th Nov 2020


Thank you for opening my mind and developing my skills.
You took me to a higher level, Itay! Thank you Grand Master

Master Benjamin Meyer

Education is key and Dr. Gil’s is equal to none. His elite military background combined with his academic journey makes him a specialist in human behavior under pressure. When others try to put theory into practice, he puts practice into theory.

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