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Learn the world's most battle and reality-tested protection techniques.
Protect Israeli Security Solutions

Education is key and Dr. Itay Gil Ph.D. (Atlantic Int University - AIU) is equal to none. His elite military background combined with his academic journey makes him a specialist in human behavior & performance under pressure. When others try to put theory into practice, he puts practice into theory.

We are no weekend warriors, at Protect college our teaching is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective to face today's world, from civilian to military threats.

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Proffesional Security

Our goal is to help you practice, reinforce, and test your capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating operational environments and tasks. We'll help you to make smart decisions under pressure.

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Personal Safety

Our courses provide a solid foundation of defensive skills through intensive practical live applications providing a highly effective learning experience. Protect college know-how is now accessible to everyone because building a resilient society is necessary to face an unprecedented level of violence.

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Protect Krav Maga

Protect Krav Maga is when techniques meet reality. Whether you want to learn or teach a battle-tested Krav-Maga, our doors are wide-open. Did we say that being part of Protect college is FREE? Protect Krav Maga (PKM) is based on battle proven, Israeli close quarters hand-to-hand combat techniques tested and refined by the PKM founder Itay Gil based on his extensive experience in Israel’s elite counter terrorism unit Yamam.

Instructors & schools

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